Why should I join NARR?

Membership in NARR offers you unlimited access to the online database, giving you generations of information at your fingertips!  You have online access to pedigrees, siblings, half siblings, offspring, etc. on rats you've bred and rats you've purchased from other breeders.

As a breeder you will have another method of tracking rats you've produced.  You can also select whether rats are breeding or pet only.  This "limited registration" helps to ensure that only quality animals are bred.

Membership has four options:  Gold Plus, Gold, Silver, and Regular

All memberships include:

Rattery name and prefix registration and unlimited access to the online registry database. Once a rattery and prefix are registered, they cannot be duplicated, even if your membership lapses or is cancelled.

Additional Benefits:

Gold Membership ~ $25.00 per year
Unlimited individual rat registrations
Unlimited litter number registrations
*Unlimited litter member registrations
*Unlimited ownership transfers
* For rats owned by or transferred to a current NARR member only.  Unlimited benefits do not cover rats sold to non-members.  10 ownership transfers to non-members are included with Gold membership. For full unlimited coverage of all rats bred/sold by members, see Plus! upgrade.

Plus!  ~ $10.00 per year
Available as an upgrade for Gold membership only.
Unlimited prepaid registrations for rats placed from registered litters
Unlimited prepaid transfer registrations to new owners 

Silver Membership ~ $15.00 per year
12 Registrations (individual or litter member)
4 Litter number registrations
5 Transfers of ownership

Regular Membership ~ $8.00 per year
4 Registrations (individual or litter member)
4 Transfers of ownership

Temporary Database Access* ~ $5.00 for one month
0 Registrations
0 Transfers of ownership
*This is not a membership, and such will not generate a membership number. This temporary access is meant as a one time option for non-members to explore the database.

Membership can either be mailed in (check or money order payable to North American Rat Registry) or paid through paypal (see applicable paypal fees below) to *paypal address* t.  Signed applications and fees must be received before membership can be processed. Forms can be emailed to info@ratregistry.org in PDF, JPG or similar format (please make sure they are legible before sending) or mailed to the address below.
Mailing address is:
North American Rat Registry


Membership Application

Please put your working email address that you check regularly on the forms.  Many people are putting rattery emails that they do not check regularly and not getting important NARR emails. 


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Pay for membership through PayPal!

If paying for membership via PayPal you will need to include the paypal fee also.  These fees are approximately:

$1.32 for $35.00 payment
$1.03 for $25.00 payment 

$ .76 for $15.00 payment
$ .53 for $8.00 payment

These fees will need to be added in your payment.  Thank you.

Before membership will be activated, a signed application must be received.   

Paypal address: payments@ratregistry.org

  I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

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