The following breeders (alphabetical by prefix) are members of the NARR.  These prefixes and rattery names are also registered with the NARR. An extensive listing of the locations of these ratteries can be found on The Ratster. The old prefix listing at that link has a long index of prefixes and names that have been used by other ratteries. Their newer listings are still being updated, but should be checked for any new additions since the changeover.

Some of these prefixes may already exist in the database from the pedigrees of others, even if they were not members, and using them again could cause confusion in the database and for yourself and others. If you are unsure if a prefix and name you are considering has already occurred in the database, you can also ask before registering.

Entries which are faded are no longer current members.



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13MR - 13 Moons Rattery

3GR - 3 Girls Rattery

7WR - Seventh Wave Rattery


AAA - Triple A Rattery

ABRT - Abarattery

ABRY - Aunty B's Rattery

ACME - Acme Lap B'Ratz B'Rattery

ACRO - Acrobat Rattery

ADR - Adalgia Rats

AGCR - A Gothic Rattery

AINE - Aine Rattery

ALMR - Alumroot Rats

Alpha Centauri Rattery

ALP - Ape's Little Paws

ALR2 - Another Love Rattery

AMOR - Amour Petite Rattery

AMR - Absolute Mischief Rattery

ANR - Andover Rattery

AR- Aristorats Rattery

ARAZ - Aristorats AZ

ARC - Arrac's

ARN - Aimee's Rats Nest

ARR - Alley Rats Rattery

ARS - Alles Ratten Spiel

AWR - Ashwood Rattery

AZMR - Azuremoon Rattery

AZUR - Azure Ridge Rattery


BAMR - Bec and Matt's Rats

BCR - Barruil Caraid Rattery

BDAG - Blue Dagger Rattery

BELL - Bellaluna Rattery

BELO - Bello Ratto Rattery

BHR - Blue Heaven Rattery

BLER - Blazing Elm Rattery

BLMR - Blue Moon Rattery

BLMT - Belmont Rattery

BLRR - Black Rat Rattery

BLRV - BelRiver Rattery

BLUE - Blue Robin Rattery

BMHR - Blue Mahina Rattery

BN - Bellaratta's Nest

BNR - Blue Noodle Rattery

BOM - Bits' of Maine Rattery

BOND - Bondsmith Rattery

BOR - Bumpy Oak Rattery

BPAK - Brat Pack Rattery

BR - Bratty Rattery

BR3 - B's Rustic Rodent Rattery

BRAT - Bratties Rule All Together

BRNR - Blue Rose Rattery and Rescue

BRR - Black Rose Rattery

BRWF - Bear Wolf Rats

BRY - Bandit Rattery

BSKI - Blue Skies Rattery

BSR - Blue Shuze Rattery

BSS - Blue Stone Siamese

BSTR - Blue Streak Rattery

BSVR - Blackstone Valley Rattery

BVR - Blue Velvet Rattery

BVR - Bao Varakhii Rattery

BW - Birnam Woods

BWC - Backwoods Critters

BWF - Birchwood Farms

BWR - Black Wolf Rattery

BZC - Blaze Craze Rattery


C9R - Cloud Nine Rattery

CAMA - Camarattery

CATS - Cat's Rats

CAVE - Critter Cave

CBBR - Barefoot Babies Rattery

CBR - Carolina Blue Rattery

CCSR - Coco's Rattery

CFC - Carolina Flying Circus

CFPR - College for Pets Rattery

CHIC - Chickidoo Rattery

CHR - Crazzy H Rattery

CHRM - Southern Charm Rattery

CHSR - Cherish Hills Rattery

CLIF - Clifford Sisters Rattery

CMC - CMC Rattery

CMMR - Colorado Mountain Meadows

CMRR- Chunky Monkey Rattery

CnP - Claws and Paws Rattery

COVE - Cove Rattery

CR - Coastal Rattery

CREW - Rat Crew Rattery

CRKT - Cricket Hill Rattery

CRUE - Ratley Crue

CRUS - Celtic Rattery

CSTR - Crested Rattery

CTR - Charming Tails Rattery

CU - Curiosity Rattery

CUDL - Cuddlebuddies Rattery


DAK - Dakota Winds Rattery

DARK - Dark Passion Rattery

DAZL - Dazzle Me Rattery

DBR - Darcia Bliss Rattery

DCR - Deer Creek Rattery

DDR - Darlin' Dumbos Rattery

DDRR - Double D Rattery

DEMO - Democrattery

DDSR - Diamond State Rattery

DINK - Shinkelydinks Sunrise Rats

DMTR - Demeter Rats

DNTE - Dante bRats

DOJO - Master Splinter's Rat Dojo

DRAC - Draconis Rats and Chinchilla

DRGN - Dragon's Breath Rattery

DSR - Desert Song Rattery

DT - The Dumbo Tree Rattery

DUE - Whispering Pines Rattery

DVTL - Dovetail Rattery


EAR - Ethan Allen Rattery

EIR - Enchanted Isle Rattery

EKO - Echo Rattery

ENTI - Entiat Rattery

EPR - Ember of Passion Rattery

ER - Emergent Rattery

ERH - Eladia's Rat House

EVWD - The Everwind Rattery


FAFR - Formal Affair Rattery

FAIR - FairLady Rattery

FANI - Fanick Rattery

FAR - Family Affair Ratz

FCR - Falls City Rattery

FFR - Figit's Friends Rattery

FHR - Farmhouse Rats

FIR - Flatir

FLCR - Flower City Rattery

FLY - Ratterfly Rattery

FMN - Forget-Me-Not Rathouse

FMNR - Forget-Me-Not Rattery

FRGL - Fraggle Rats Rattery

FRP - Frosty Paws Rattery

FSER - Fanta Se Rats

FSRR - Falling Star Rats

FSTR - The Farstar Rattery

FURR - Fuzzys Friends Rattery

FVR - Finnvarra Rattery


GASR - Georgia Streetrats Rattery

GBR- Gulf Breeze Rattery

GCRR - GoCrow Royal Rattery

GEM - Precious Gems

GGMR - Gotta Get More Rattery

GHR - Gamehendge Rattery

GLAM - Glam Rock Rattery

GOTH - Gothic Fuzz Rattery

GPR - Gene Pool Rattery

GRIM- Grim's Rattery

GVR - Graphite Valley Rattery


H2R - Hidden Haven Rattery

HAPY - Happy Rats Stud

HERO - Little Heroes Rattery

HGLR - Happy Go Lucky Rattery

HGR - HG Rattery

HOF - House O' Fur

HOT - Heart of Texas Rats

HRC - Happy Go Rattery

HSH - Home Squeak Home


ILPR - Little Paws Rattery

INC - Indy's Critters

IRS - Intel Rat Selection Rattery

ISBN - Litterattery

ISBR - IN Speedboat Rattery


JCH - Jayda's Critter House

JENS - Jen's Rats

JM - Jenni's Mischief

JOY - Small Joys Rattery

JPP - Pierce's Pogs & Pocket Pets

JUR - Jazzed Up Rattery


KATZ - Katz's Blue Moon Rattery

KBK - Kritters by Katie

KCJ - KCJay Ratpack Rattery

KFF - KFF Rattery

KFR - Kearney Farm Rattery

KGPR - The Pale Rattery

KINN - Kinni Brook Rattery

KOHR - Keeper of Hearts

KOL - Kingdom of Loathing Rattery

KNR - Kawaii Nezumi Rattery

KRS - KRS Rattery

KTZ - Khat's Ratz

KZR - KaiZen Rattery


LAC - Lac Rats

LAIR - Leaves an Imprint Rattery

LASC - LASC Rattery

LASR - Love A Squish Rattery

LERA- Legacy Rattery of Idaho

LGMR - Lil Gems Mice & Rats

LGP - Little Gems Pets

LH - Lavender Haven Rattery

LIFE - Lifemates Rattery

LILY - Lily-girl Rattery

LINC- Lincoln Rattery

LISC - Liscoonvarna

LIT- Lime Tree Rattery

LLBR - Lil' Ladybug Rattery

LLR - Little Loves Rattery

LMR- Landmark Rattery

LN- Little Noses

LNOK - Lone Oak Rattery

LOL - Lots of Love Rattery

LOR - Love of Rats Rattery

LORF - Love of Rats Frankfort

LOVE - Loving Rats Rattery

LPCB - Leopardcub Rattery

LPR - Little Peep's Rattery

LRR - Lil Rugrats Rattery

LSR - Little Squeakers Rattery

LSRC - Lone Star Rats of Central TX

LTD - Limited Edition

LTRR - Love Them Rats Rattery

LUVS - Luv Tails Rattery

LVNS - Lavon's Rattery

LVM - Loving Memories Rattery 

LVR - Little Villains Rattery

LWR - Little Whiskers Rattery

LYL - Lyra and Lark Rattery


MAC - MAC Rattery

MARS - Rats from Mars Rattery

MAN - Manitou Mischief

MBLU - Misty Blue Rattery

MBR - Monkey Business Rattery

MCR - MacRil Rattery

MEGS - Meg's Magical Rats

MHRR - Muridae Haven Rescue & Rattery

MISH - MishisM Rats

MJSR - Majick Springs Rattery

ML - Mischief Lovers

MLWR - Moonlit Waters Rattery

MM - Munificent Mischief

MMR - Mischievous Mischief Rattery

MORD - Morde's Minions

MR - Mashkas Rattery

MRVL - MARVELous Mischief Rattery

MSHM - Moonshadow Mischief

MUZE - Muze Rattery

MWR - Merri Whiskers Rattery

MZR- Mary Z's Rattery


NEO - Neo Rattery

NEOR - Neon Rattery

NKR - Nekki'kins Rattery

NLVR - Nel's Rattery of Las Vegas

NNOS - Nezumi No Samurai Rattery

NR - Navel Rattery

NRR - Nicki's Rug-Rats Rattery

NTRR - North Texas Rat Ranch

NXPR - NixPack Rattery


OAK - White Oak Rattery

OBLU - Omaha Blue Rattery

OBMR - Once In A Blue Moon

OCRA - Our Crazy Rat Adventure

ODD - Odyssey Design Rattery

OERR - Odd Eye Rats Rattery

OKCR - OKC Rattery

OMR - Over the Moon Rattery

ORRJ - Orbis Rattus Rattery

OTR - Once Upon A Time Rattery

OUAM - Once Upon A Mischief


PAR - Phoenix Ashes Rattery

PD - Purely Dumbos Rattery

PEAS - Three Peas Rattery

PH - Paper Heart Rattery

PIRR - Pirattery

PIRT - Pi Rats

PK - PK Rattery

PLAY - Playboy

PLSR - Precious Little Sweeties

PMG - PMG Rattery

PNZY - Panzys Place Rattery

PPRP - Pitter Patter Ratter Paws

PRGN - Paragon Rattery

PRR - Paradise Rockstar Rodentry

PStR - Prospect Street Rattery

PVR - Pymatuning Valley Rattery

PWR - Praiswater Rattery

PX - Phoenix Gate Rattery


R2R - Rat Rat Rattery

R4 - Rat Roadhouse

RAMR - Rattie & Mattie's Rattery

RANR - Rat's Nest Rattery

RAT - Little Ratties Rattery

RATL - Ratlandia

RAVN - Ravencharm

RB - Rattie Babies Rattery

RBR - RooBear Rattery

RDP - Ratterie des Pleiades

RDPY - Rat Dippity Rattery

RDR - Road Dog Rattery

RFCR - Rat Fancy Rattery

RG - Rat Genesis

RH - RaffinHouse Rattery

RHR - Raven's Heart Rattery

RIFF - Riff Raff Rex Rattery

RiR - Riah's Ratties

RITN - Ritten in Stardust

RIZL - Rizzle Rat Rattery

RJSR - R and J's Sweet Ratties

RKB - RockaBye Rattery

RKR - Ratty Krazy Rattery

RMAX - Rattius Maximus Rattery

RMIS - Mischief of Remis Rattery

RMRE - Ravynmoon Rattery and Exotics

RnR - Rat 'n Rave

RNRR - Ruff N' Ready Rattery

ROAR - Atlantis Rattery

RofN - Rats of Nimh Rattery

ROK - Rats of Keona

ROMP - Romper Room Rattery

ROR - The Rats of Reading

ROSE - The Rosebush Rattery

ROUS - Rodents of Unusual Sweetness

ROY - Royal Rattery

RP- Rat Planet

RROW - Rainbow Row Rattery

RRR - Ratty Rat Rattery

RRRA - Raining Rats Rattery & Adopt

RRU - Rats-R-Us Ratties

RSCL - Rattie Rascals Rattery

RSH - The Ratsmith Rattery

RTLF - Rat Life Rattery

RTPK - Rat Pack Rattery

RtRM - Robbi the Rat Momma

RUFF - Roughwater Rattery

RWWR - Rainbow Whiskers Rattery

RWRM - Rainbow Whiskers Rattery Minneapolis

RY - Ratyco

RYR - Ry's Rattery

RZ - Rz Ranch


SAGE - Sage Rattery

SBRV - Southern Belles Rattery Vero

SCR - Shady Creek Rattery

SCR9 - Squeaky Cheeks Rattery

SCRP - Scrappy's Rats

SERR - Serendipity Rodentry

SF - Starflite Rabbitry & Rattery

SFFR - Shadowfox Farms Rattery

SFR - Silver Fuzz Rattery

SGR - Sweet Genes Rodentry

SHDW - ShadowBrook Rodentry

SHIP - Shipwreck Rattery

SHMR - ShalimarRattery

SHRP - Sharper Rattery

SHRC - Sweetheart Rattery Canada

SITH - Sith Rattery

SKWR - Squeakumz Wiskrz Rattery

SLCR - Sweet Little Critter Rattery

SLKY - So Licky Rattery

SLR - Stellaluna Rattery

SLVR - Silver Cuddles Rattery

SMR - Squeak Machine Rattery

SMS - Sms Rattery

SMTR - Smalltown Rats

SNR - SNR House of Rats

SNS - SnS Rattery

SOL - Soleil Rattery

SPAR - Sparticles Rattery

SPR - Spiralrat Rattery

SPSP - Splash and Spots Rattery

SPOT - Sun Spot Rattery

SRR - Spoiled Ratten Rattery

SRSE - Sunrise Rats

SSR - Seeing Stars Rattery

STAR - All-Star Rattery

STLR - StrickLeeRats

STR - StellaRat Rattery

SUNS - Shining Suns Rattery

STWR - Sweet Whispers Rattery

SVNR - Seventh Son Rattery

SVR - Swan Valley Rattery

SWR - Swamp Rat Rattery


TAPD - Trust and PixieDust Rattery

TBBR - The Breakfast Bunch Rattery

TBR - Thistle Brook Rattery

TBW - Tumbleweed Rattery

TCRR - Tri-Cities Rattery & Rescue

TDR - Tiny Dragons Rattery

TEK - Tekka Maki

TFRR - Totes For Realz Rattery

THAB - Aberrant Biota

THR - The House of Rats

TIGR - Tiger Tail Rattery

TLR - The Little Ratscals Rattery

TMBR - Timber Creek Rattery

TMCC - T&M Curious Critters

TMLS - Timeless Tails Rattery

TMR - TazManie Rattery

TOPI - Topi Rats

TPFM - The Pinkie Farm

TPR - The Pampered Rattery

TR - Twilight's Rattery

TRBL - Treble Rattery

TRCR - The Rat Cave

TRI - Trinity Rats

TRM - The Rats Meow Rattery

TRR - Tavares Royal Rattery

TRS - T.A.I.L.S. Rat Sanctuary

TRU - Tru Blue Rats

TSR - Tailspinz Rattery

TTAR - Tipsy Tails Rattery

TTSR - Through the Stars

TWR - Thundering Waters Rattery

TWSR - The Westside Rattery

TWST - Twisted Tails Rattery

TYR - Tina Young's Rattery


UNIV - Rodent University

UPA - Upatoi Rattery

UWR - Underworld Rodentry


VAHR - V&H Rattery


WCR - Witch City Rattery

WCRR - White Cloud Rattery & Rescue

WHR - Windy Hill Rattery

WIMP - Whiskers in My Pocket

WISH - Pearl's Wish Rattery

WKR - Whisker Kiss'in Rattery

WLFR - Wolf Ridge Rattery

WLLW - Willow Creek Rats

WLR - Wonderland Rodentry

WMMR - Maineiac Mischief Rattery

WOVR - White Oak Valley Rattery

WRSE - Wild Rose Rattery

WSR - Wispers Star Rattery

WTCR - Whisker Tickled Companion Rats

WWR - White Wolf Rattery


YCRR - You Cheeky Rats Rattery

YFR - Yellow Flower Rattery

YNOT - Y Not Rattery


ZBR - ZiggabellaRattery

ZEN - The Zen Rat Rattery

ZR - Zen Rattery

ZRR - Zephyr Rats

ZSN - Za Shan Nezumi Rattery



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