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Litter Number Application Form

Use this form to submit an application for a litter number (not a co-bred litter) with NARR. Both the sire and dam of a litter must be already registered as breedable and both owned by the person submitting the form for the litter in order to receive a number. Note that this form is for a member that will be registering ALL of the offspring from the litter. If you select otherwise in the application form, a litter number will not be returned to you, but you may alternatively register the offspring you wish using the individual form. You may also fill out the pdf and email or mail it to us. If using this online form, all rules stated on the pdf form still apply and are stated below the entry form. Please read this information before submitting your online form! Litter number applications, as well as all individual member registrations, must be submitted and completed within 6 months from the date of birth of the litter. NARR reserves the right to not issue new litter numbers for members who consistently do not complete their litter registrations (babies can still be registered as individuals, though). Please note that forms filled out incorrectly or incompletely will not be processed.
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Sire's Registered Name:
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Date of Birth:
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By reentering my name and NARR password in this field, I certify that the information stated in this application is true, and understand that if information is given falsely that registration can be denied for this litter and all offspring:


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Please note that this online form when completed and submitted will serve as a signed document by you as a member of NARR, and will hold you to terms of membership. As part of membership, you agree to supply only truthful information into the registry to the best of your knowledge. You understand that your personal information will remain private and that information regarding the rats you register, including their health notes, will be posted in the online database. Please review NARR terms of service or email us if you have any questions.  You will receive your NARR litter number via the email supplied in this form. Please use this number when registering all members of this litter, using the appropriate forms.

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