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Club Recognition

Your club can register the club's show titles and standards with NARR. This form must be submitted by a club official that is a current member in good standing with NARR. Registering your club's titles and standards is free. Standards must be genetically unique and proven reproducible, with a minimum 5-generation pedigree for newly recognized varieties, which is typically per the club's requirements as well.

To register your club's show titles and standards:

  1. Download the form here: (Right-click and select "save target as" if the form fails to load in the browser)

  2. 2.  Print the form (this form cannot be filled out on-screen)

    3.  On the form, enter your Club's information in the space provided under "Club Information."

    4.  Enter your contact information and position within the club in the space provided under "Contact Information." To be accepted by NARR, a club must have a minimum of 2 acting officers, at least one of which must be a current member of NARR, as well as current bylaws and/or constitution.

    5.  Under shows and standards information, complete all fields as applicable.
    6. Please note that, while not a requirement, it is suggested that clubs require registration of entry rats. For a rat seeking recognition of an earned title, registration will, however, be required.

    6.  Sign, date, and mail the form along with a copy of the club's official standards to the NARR. Note: While NARR will accept all standards as written by the club for their show purposes, it is strongly advised to use a naming system that coincides with those already in place in the database or elsewhere. Creating new names for existing standards or variations of them will only create confusion and disconnection from a more universal set of standards. Therefore, any new name for that which appears in the database already as accepted terminology will default in the database as such. Varieties or colors under question as to their unique or reproducible status will not be accepted by NARR until all questions are resolved. Be sure to include the minimum 5 generation pedigree with any new variety.
    7. To gain recognition of an earned title in the NARR database, an official member from the organization in which the title was earned must contact NARR with the required information.

For help with forms, to report site problems, or for general NARR inquiries, please contact:

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